Dr Des Fernandes

Dr Des qualified at the Witwatersrand University and then became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons at Edinburgh. He left South Africa to start training in Plastic Surgery but trained in Cardio-thoracic surgery and returned to Cape Town to work with Prof. Christiaan Barnard for several years and was involved in the first double heart transplant.

However after completing his training he did a radical change and started specialising in plastic surgery. His mentor was Dr David Davies who generously showed me the depth of creative plastic and cosmetic surgery. He went into practice with Dr Davies Davies in 1980.

Dr Des has pioneered using vitamin A in cosmetic products to give similar results to using retinoic acid in order to be able to achieve more convincing rejuvenation of the skin.

He has patented the Environ DF iontophoresis and low frequency sonophoresis machine that enable us to a) achieve results comparable to having fractionated laser treatments, and b) also enhance the effects of botulinum toxin injections as well as c) reduce fatty deposits.

He pioneered skin needling techniques which have eventually become internationally recognised as the safest, most effective way of treating lax skin, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks despite the resistance of his colleagues.

He pioneered the suture suspension “scarless” forehead, face and neck lift and the techniques for “servicing” facelifts to maintain the best result for extended periods.

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