About Renaissance Skin Science

Renaissance Skin Science is an Aesthetic Skin Care Clinic supported by a well-respected team of plastic surgeons that promise to deliver advanced, safe and proven techniques in cosmetic dermatology.

More specifically, we offer skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing procedures for the face and body, such as skin depigmentation, tightening, firming, brightening and retexturing. We also do a range of acne and stretch mark treatments.

We only stock cosmeceutical products, which are medical grade skincare treatments.

Following an in-depth consultation, our patients are provided with a well-informed and personalized treatment program to target their specific needs.

Renaissance Skin Science has a high standard of patient care, and our therapists are optimally trained to offer the best in skin care technology.

Specializing in non-invasive aesthetic procedures, patient comfort and well-being is practiced in a caring, confidential and professional environment.

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