Nutrition is an ever evolving science. New information is continually coming to the fore, and we at Alex Royal Dietetics strive to remain current in order to give our clients the best possible advice. Nutrigenomics looks at how our diet, nutrient supplements and other environmental factors such as chemicals and toxins interact with our genes and influence our health. It is an exciting area since it enables people to take charge of their health and understand more about the genes they inherited from their parents. There are a couple of different genetic testing available, including DNA health, diet, sort, skin, oestrogen, mind etc.

The aim of these tests is to provide information about your DNA variations that have an effect on your overall health, weight management and physical activity and much more.

These tests provide information about genetic variations that may make you more or less susceptible to certain health conditions and/or weight gain. The information provided by the tests allows you to make lifestyle changes that influence the expression of the genes. In this way, making it possible to prevent the conditions you may be more susceptible to.

These tests are carried out by taking a quick cheek swab which is sent to a lab for processing and you will receive the report after 2 - 3 weeks, in which it gets interpreted and a personalized meal plan according to your genes is provided.

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